Lance's World Famous Mustang Ranch - Patrick Exit 28 from I-80 - eight miles east of Reno, Nevada (driving directions)

The Mustang Ranch is located on Wild Horse Canyon Drive which is accessed by taking Exit 28 from Interstate 80 east of Reno.  When arriving at the Mustang Ranch you will approach a gate across the road with a gatehouse out front.  If there is an employee in the gatehouse he will ask if you have visited before.  If the answer is no then he will give you a few general rules (no cell phones, cameras, etc.) and open the gate for you.  Upon driving through the gate you will see the Mustang Ranch on the right and the Wild Horse on the left.   You may park anywhere in the lot and walk to either house.

When visiting the Mustang Ranch you will enter through the main front door  You don't have to buzz in, just open the door and enter.  As you enter the Mustang Ranch you enter the main parlor and you will notice a bar located in the back half of the parlor.  You may go to the bar for a drink or you may sit at one of the tables scattered around the parlor.  There is a stage attached to the left (west) end of the bar where you may see some of the working girls dancing during your stay.  Tipping is encouraged when the girls dance but not required.  If you request a lineup the lineup will be along the back of the bar.   A recent addition is a small room at the left side of the parlor which contains a couch and a souvenir case.

Once you find a lady you would like to party with you will be taken to a negotiation room off the parlor.  The negotiation rooms are not the room you party in, they are small rooms near the parlor with a couch, table, and a lamp for the customer inspection known as a DC (Dick Check).  If you agree on a party and price then the lady will take you to the cashier's window where you pay for the party then you will retire to her room.  If you can not reach an agreement then you are returned to the parlor.

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