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Reno Area

Original Mustang Ranch I - Closed by US Government August 1999 - Some of the building was moved to Patric Exit 28 to form the New Mustang Ranch

Original Mustang Ranch II - Closed by US Government August 1999 - Donated and burned for fire department training.

Old Bridge Ranch - Closed after license was revoked by Storey County

Mustang Resort - Formerly known as Wild Horse Resort and Spa

Mustang Ranch

Carson City Area

 Sagebrush Redlight Ranch

 Love Ranch

 Kit Kat Ranch

 Moonlight Bunny Ranch

Las Vegas Area

Chicken Ranch

Sheri's Ranch

Crystal Love Ranch (Love Ranch South) - formerly Cherry Patch 1

Area 51 Alien Cathouse - Formerly Cherry Patch 2 - currently being renovated

Fallon Area

Salt Wells Villa - Burned down

Lazy B Guest Ranch - Currently closed

Ely Area

Green Lantern - Currently closed

Big 4 Ranch 

Stardust Ranch

Elko Area

Sue's Fantasy Club

Mona's Ranch

Inez's Dancing and Diddling

Mona Lisa Ranch

Wells Area

Donna's Ranch

Bella's Hacienda

Battle Mountain and Carlin Area

Calico Club - Formerly Donna's Battle Mountain

Sharon's Ranch

Dovetail Ranch

Winnemucca Area

The Wild West Saloon - Formerly Cozy Corner

My Place - Burned

Pussycat - Closed and bulldozed

Villa Joy

Simones de Paris - Closed and bulldozed

Highway 95 Area

Angels Ladies

Bikini's Gentlemen's Club

Shady Lady Ranch

Wild Cat Ranch

Playmate Ranch - Currently Closed

Cottontail Ranch - Currently closed

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  Klatch's Korner

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